Cessna Cowling Conversion Kits Early Screw Cowlings

•C150 1959-1966 SN 17001-64532
•C172 1956-1966 SN 28000-54892 
•C175 1958-1962 SN 55001-57119
•C180 1953-1960 SN 30000-59011
•C182 1956-1960 SN 33000-53007

Southco/Camloc® Cowlings
•C150 1967-On SN64533-79405 and A 150001-A150685 
•C172 1967-1985 SN54893-76516
•C172 R&S 1977-ON SN80001-On
•C177 1968-1978 SN0001-02752 and 0001-1366 
 •C182 1973-1968 SN 61426-68542

Beech Bonanza Cowlings
All Bonanzas TC A-777 and 3A15

Mooney Cowling Replacement Kit

Mooney Cowling Replacement

Vans Aircraft Cowlings
All Vans Series Cowlings

Cowling Fasteners Replacement Instructions



Installation and Adjustment – SK213, SK215, SK245 Receptacles



SK2600-SW Installation

R4G Retainer Removal


With the stud installed in the panel, position the ALOC 6000 pliers as shown in Figure 1 over the pin. Set the locking adjustment such that, when the pliers lock, the pin is centered. Simply fine tune the lock adjustment then press the pin in either direction until centered.

ALOC® 6000