SK2003 Cessna Plate mount | Replaces J7444
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SK2003 Cessna Plate mount | Replaces J7444

Engineered and manufactured in the USA


Highest Quality Engineering

The SK2003 mount is now the preferred mount for the world’s largest flight school and is featured on all Yingling zero-time Ascend 172 airplanes.

The Skybolt® SK2003 Series cowling mounts replace the OEM Cessna®/Lord® J7444 Series mounts with full FAA-PMA and FAA TSO-C148 approvals.  Our generation IV mounts have evolved as the flight school proven best ever mount on the market for strength and lasting durability. Skybolt’s exclusive 100% stress test inspection insures that each and every mount will go the distance without transferring unwanted stress to the airframe components or firewall.

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US Patents 7,997,843 and 8,282,329

FAA Form 8130-3 included with all mounts

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