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Replaces the existing steel cowling and panel fasteners with stainless fasteners. Engineered and Manufactured in USA.

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Replacement Kits: Completely Updated for 2017 – Replaces the existing steel cowling and panel fasteners with STAINLESS FASTENERS. Most kits include extra various length fasteners and hardware to insure a complete job as Parts Manuals typically are not correct for the actual airplane. Replacement Kits do not contain receptacles. Skybolt kits are based on hands on experience, not a guess.  All ¼-Turn fasteners are TSO-C148 approved.

Trim Kits: Stainless Steel Trim Kits replace all the nonstructural screws associated with access panels and fairings.

Fuel Tank Kits: Fuel Tanks Kits replace all required nonstructural and structural screws associated with fuel tanks per wing.

Conversion Kits –  FAA-PMA  STCd

Beech Bonanza Conversion Kits – Convert early Bonanza upper cowlings from Dzus to CLoc® SK40S5 Diamondhead® Stainless Fasteners.

Convert all Beech Bonanza lower cowling panels (cheek cowl) from Airloc to CLoc® Stainless Fasteners.