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Commercial Aircraft – Since 2004, Skybolt has been a top rated fastener supplier for the Airbus A380 program. Interestingly, the world’ largest passenger jet has the world’s lightest Skybolt Skytanium® panel fasteners in the Honeywell supplied avionics cabinets. Our ZG2500 line of ¼-Turn fasteners was specifically designed for weight reduction with no sacrifice in performance. The ZG2500 allowed smaller thru holes and edge distance tolerances not offered in traditional 2000 series fasteners. As a spinoff of our proven racing fasteners, we literally designed and built the ZG2500 series parts in 7 minutes and 50 seconds while the Honeywell engineer was on hold late on a Friday. He had prototypes in his hand on Saturday morning. After an onsite vetting process, our fastener was approved in record time and has since become a staple in our vast product line of innovative fasteners. A Skybolt designed Ring Fastener (our SK2600R Series) is now standard equipment on premium commercial aircraft plumbing modals typical on all modern Boeing and Airbus airplanes. Aircraft interior component companies are turning to Skybolt designs for not only weight savings, but lead times and cost saving innovations.