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Ned & Debra Bowers

Together, Ned and Debra bring decades of aviation experience, business, and engineering expertise to our manufacturing business.

Some History…As a young aviator, Ned built his first airplane in the family basement in Goose Bay, Labrador at age 5, where his father, Lt. Col. Win Bowers, was stationed after WWII during his career in the United States Air Force. Ned’s first engineering job was with NASA on the Saturn V during Apollo, Skylab, and the Shuttle design program. Ned was hired by National Airlines in 1979 and is a recently retired Boeing 767-400ER Delta Air Lines Captain. All said and done, between National, Pan Am and Delta, Ned flew over 1,000 Atlantic crossings, 25,000 hours with a perfect safety record, spanning 38 years flying for major airlines. “This kind of record was not by chance; it came from accepting the responsibility, and the consistent respect I have for the profession and the many support people dedicated to policy and integrity”. Ned brings that same dedication to Skybolt and to our incredible team every day.

DELTA AIR LINES CAPT. NED C. BOWERS HOMECOMING - JAN. 13, 2017 MUNICH to ATLANTA Delta Airline Capt. Ned C. Bowers Homecoming - January 13th 2017 Munch to Atlanta

Delta Air Lines Capt. Ned C. Bowers Homecoming – January 13th 2017 Munich to Atlanta

As Vice President & General Manager, Debra oversees and manages the daily operations of Skybolt, since February, 2001. Her background includes many years of experience in sales, marketing, and event management within the aviation market, including her position as Programs & Development Director for the Sun ‘n Fun Air Museum from 1988. In 1993, Debra joined Kermit Weeks as a member of his Opening Team at Fantasy of Flight as the Director of Marketing until 2001, before coming on board with Skybolt.
Debra is a volunteer and member of the EAA Air Operations Team in Oshkosh, WI, working with the Air Ops Chairmen, Performers, and special guests and continues to work with Stallion 51 Corp. during special events throughout the year. An aviation professional with a keen instinct for customer appreciation and service, Debra rounds out a purposeful management team that represents the absolute finest in aviation expertise.

Ned and his father, Win Bowers

Ned and son, Matt Bowers, built a winning race team

Between Ned and Debra Bowers, there is an immense amount of experience in aviation, aerospace, and performance racing they have shared through the years. “It is not by chance that we have set out to become a major player in aerospace manufacturing while cherishing the relationships with our customers, our friends, and the many great legends in the industries we serve.”

Skybolt Team Members

April Braun | Sales Manager, Purchasing, Training | Joined Skybolt 2003
Christy Exum | Shipping Manager, Invoicing & Sales | Joined Skybolt 2007
Brenda Fleming | AS9100 Quality Control | Joined Skybolt 2016
Betty Carr | Receiving – Quality Control | Joined Skybolt 2005
John Falarski | Sales, Manufacturing Production, IT | Joined Skybolt 2014
Eric Skipper | Warehouse Manager, Special Processes | Joined Skybolt 2011
Earl Denby | Production & Assembly Team | Joined Skybolt 2015
Dan Albert | Production & Assembly Team | Joined Skybolt 2016
Carolyn Branch | Accounting & Administration | Joined Skybolt 1982
Carlos Osorio | Manager of Machining Operations | Joined Skybolt 1993
Mike Kononitz | Tool & Die, Machining Operations | Joined Skybolt 2017
Russ Ortner | SolidWorks Engineering, Product Development | Joined Skybolt 1998
Bryon Menendez-Reyes | SolidWorks Engineering Apprentice | Joined Skybolt 2017
Randy Edwards | Outside Sales – Aerospace, Racing, Industrial | Joined Skybolt 2002
Orestes Lorenzo | Flight Operations, Chief Pilot | Joined Skybolt 2014
Matt Bowers | Marketing – Aviation, Racing  |Joined Skybolt 1991